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Offshore Dubai

Dubai has developed into one of the world’s leading financial centres offshore. Dubai authorities have worked hard to elevate Dubai to the level of global recognition...

Dubai Offshore Companies

Dubai offshore companies can be incorporated as Companies Limited by Shares, Limited Liability Companies and Recognised Companies, which are among the three main types of Dubai...

Dubai Offshore Banks

Dubai offshore banks are regulated both by the Central Bank and the Financial Services Authority. Dubai offshore banks provide their services solely to individuals and businesses that are...

Offshore Dubai

Dubai has developed into one of the world’s leading financial centres offshore. Dubai authorities have worked hard to elevate Dubai to the level of global recognition as an investment and business hub through progressive government policies and the establishment of the Dubai Financial Services Authority which is critical to the development of Dubai offshore products and services.

The Financial Services Authority operates as an independent regulator for all financial and ancillary services that are provided by the international financial center in Dubai, the Dubai International Financial Center. Many services are provided domestically as well as offshore. Dubai offers Islamic finance, insurance offshore entities, credit services, investment services and trading facilities, among others.

Dubai offshore services are of high quality and are very competitive on the global market. As a centre offshore, Dubai appeals to legal firms, corporations, governments, high net worth professionals and governments because of the variety of banking and corporate services available. Wealth management in particular can be undertaken through various channels such as private wealth management firms, major Dubai offshore banks and the establishment of different offshore entities such as offshore trusts and corporations.

Only licensed and authorized persons and firms are allowed to carry on services offshore. Dubai offshore services are regulated in this way so that guidelines and quality standards are maintained by service providers onshore and offshore. Dubai requires all providers, including auditing firms and ancillary service providers to be licensed and registered with the Financial Services Authority as well. Auditors must be licensed accordingly to provide Dubai offshore services, especially as all authorized market institutions and firms are called to appoint an auditor so that reporting and financial recording can be undertaken certain standards.

Ancillary services include mostly legal and accounts services that are provided to Financial Services Authority. It is necessary for firms and individuals that intend to provide ancillary services to apply for registration with the Authority. Dubai offshore service benefit from this in that the Authority is equipped with a pool of regulated professionals from which accounting and legal services can be obtained onshore and offshore. Dubai provides further details and guidelines for firms that wish to raise capital in or from within Dubai, as well as for collective investment funds.

In addition to mutual funds, Dubai offers Public Funds and Exempt Funds, as well as Islamic Funds, Hedge Funds, Private Equity Funds, and Real Estate Investment Trust (REITS) which are specialised in nature. Such Dubai offshore products are worthwhile for investors who want variety in the funding options that are available so that they are able to best serve their personal and financial interests offshore. Dubai offshore funds are administered in a very strict regulatory framework according to the standards of the International Organisation of Securities Commissions.

Dubai’s body of legislation has continued to expand to meet new regulatory demands and advancements in services offshore. Dubai has sought to maintain its expansion and progress as an international offshore center for businesses and individuals that are concerned with the management and protection of their wealth offshore. Dubai is a constantly growing and developed financial center.

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