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Dubai has developed into one of the world’s leading financial centres offshore. Dubai authorities have worked hard to elevate Dubai to the level of global recognition...

Dubai Offshore Companies

Dubai offshore companies can be incorporated as Companies Limited by Shares, Limited Liability Companies and Recognised Companies, which are among the three main types of Dubai...

Dubai Offshore Banks

Dubai offshore banks are regulated both by the Central Bank and the Financial Services Authority. Dubai offshore banks provide their services solely to individuals and businesses that are...

Dubai Offshore Banks

Dubai offshore banks are regulated both by the Central Bank and the Financial Services Authority. Dubai offshore banks provide their services solely to individuals and businesses that are not tax resident in Dubai and as a result mainly target international clients. Offshore banks in Dubai are required to adhere to international- and regionally established offshore banking norms with regard to combating money laundering and other illicit financial activities that crooks may want to indulge in by penetrating financial systems globally. Dubai offshore banks are equipped with trained professionals who ensure that Dubai offshore banks offer superb offshore banking services.

It is important to obtain sufficient information about any offshore bank in Dubai that you intend to bank at. This is to make sure that the Dubai offshore bank that you choose does in fact provide the type of Dubai offshore banking services that you are looking for. Some offshore banks for example are investment banks and may mainly focus on investment activity. Such a Dubai offshore bank may not be best suited for a corporation that may just want an offshore business account for frequent transactions and other related services. Minimum bank balances may also be much higher at investment offshore banks Dubai and transactions may be limited to a certain number for a given period of time.

Offshore banks Dubai offer very specialised services given the wide range of corporate and offshore financial services in Dubai. Banking offshore services include numerous types of accounts and professional services. Dubai offshore banking accounts include business accounts, corporate accounts, current accounts, personal savings accounts, trust accounts, trading accounts and investment accounts.

Specialised services may be grouped within various areas of banking as such as Islamic banking, global banking, corporate finance, commercial banking, insurance, trust, investment banking and private banking. Asset management services are usually available at Dubai offshore banks for large corporations and high net worth individuals. Commercial banking at a Dubai offshore bank for instance would include cash management services, term loans, trade finance, bill discounting, prepaid series and wealth management solutions. Fr advanced offshore banking services, Dubai offshore banks are versatile and well equipped.

Dubai offshore investment banking may include services such as systematic investment planning, premium accounts, mutual funds and fixed income securities. Leading Dubai offshore banks that offer insurance services make credit, life and insurance plans available to clients. Most offshore banking Dubai is done online so that account holders are provided with 24 hours access to their Dubai offshore accounts and convenience.

As one of the quickest growing economies worldwide, Dubai offshore banks are an excellent alternative to other banks for global banking. Dubai is an international financial center of very high repute and is therefore ideal for serving as an international platform from which to undertake global trading and other financial activities. Dubai offshore banking provides all the necessary tools for corporations that wish to access foreign markets and get hold of the most modern yet regulated and top of the line banking services and products.

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